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PACSystems RSTi-EP CPE210 Controller

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Using the same high performance runtime and toolchain as the PACSystems RX3i large controller, the RSTi-EP CPE210 compact controller, delivers large Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) capability in a small, cost-effective, IIoT-ready form factor so machine manufacturers (OEMs) do not need to sacrifice performance for price. With security-by-design, open programming, and open communications built in, it simplifies connectivity to external analytics software platforms while reducing cost and complexity for OEMs and end users. The CPE210 offers 1MB of user memory, handles up to 16 PROFINET devices, and up to 2048 digital and 32128 analog I/O.

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Part Number: EPXCPE240
Form Factor: Integrated Backplane
User Memory: 1MB of NvRAM
System I/O: 2048 Bits Discrete I/O, 32128 Words for Analog I/O
Local I/O Modules: 32
Redundancy Support: MRP Master / Client
Ethernet Ports: One 100/1000 Mbps port and one 2-Port Switch 100/1000 Mbps
Ethernet Protocols: SRTP Client/Server, Modbus TCP, OPC UA Secure, EGD, PROFINET, HART passthrough
Serial Port / Protocols: One RS232 / ASCII Serial, Modbus RTU-Slave
USB Interface: Two USB A2.0
Memory Card: One Micro SD
Environmental: -40°C to 70°C
Power: 24VDC +/-25%
Agency Approvals: UL, cUL, UKCA, FCC, RoHS, FCC, Reach, UL HaxLoc C1D2, ATEX Zone 2
Marine Approvals: ABS, BV, DNV GL

PACSystems™ RSTi-EP I/O

High Density, High Performance Slice I/O

PACSystems™ RSTi-EP I/O
  • Programming tools such as tag-based programming, a library of reusable code and a test edit mode for improved online troubleshooting
  • User-friendly environment that can increase design flexibility and improve engineering efficiency and productivity
  • Real time I/O networking capabilities, now with up to 3x 1-Gbps Ethernet ports, With built-in support for PROFINET, OPC UP, Modbus/TCP, and DNP3, also add 3rd party devices with ease.
  • Execute fleet-wide application updates via USB stick without ever connecting a laptop. Store application variables to an SD Card from User Logic enabling portable individual unit tuning parameters.
  • Achilles 2 certified for robustness against service attacks. Secure boot to prevent malicious applications and “unauthorized” operating systems. Standard support for OPC UP Secure encrypted communications mean you can monitor and control your application from anywhere with confidence.
  • Over 40 I/O module types and specialty interface modules, including IO-Link, mean connecting sensors and devices for your specific application is a snap

Smarter Architecture
Today’s connected machines require innovative, highperformance control systems that minimize unplanned downtime and increase productivity and efficiency. RSTi-EP combines powerful technology and a modular, compact form factor to deliver higher performance and maximized productivity in today’s connected automation systems. The RSTi-EP remote I/O system is well suited for Industrial Internet enabled applications. It features an extended operating temperature range, enhanced diagnostics, plug-and-play connectivity and high channel density– all designed to simplify machine design and maintenance. Advanced diagnostics make RSTi-EP ideal for remote applications, especially those where I/O can be difficult to reach. RSTiEP I/O is easily expandable, so you can adapt and extend coverage as your system evolves.

Higher Performance in Half the Space
The innovative RSTi-EP I/O is a powerful combination of clean layout, high density, and small footprint. It can accommodate up to 64 modules and 1024 I/O points per drop, while its 11.5 mm I/O slices maximize limited cabinet space. By adopting the most compact I/O system on the market, it’s possible to incorporate smaller cabinet sizes into user-friendly system designs. You can even eliminate external components by using optional potential distribution modules to provide easy connections to input power, output power, and functional earth.

Remote, Real-time Diagnostics
With the RSTi-EP’s integrated web server and advanced diagnostics, failures in the system can be identified remotely, eliminating the need to travel to the machine, saving both time and money. The web server lets the operator view diagnostic faults and upgrade firmware over the web– simplifying start up, increasing availability and productivity without the need for additional tools or software. Additionally, actions can be taken within the application feeding off of the diagnostic information. It is simple to prioritize service trips as critical or routine maintenance without stepping out of the control room.

Simple Maintenance
RSTi-EP lays a strong foundation for installation, machinecommissioning and service applications with robust and easy-to-use signal connection components. LEDs on the module and each channel help operators to quickly and easily determine I/O health and quickly diagnose any system failures.

Plug and Play Installation
Consistent I/O cabling interfaces make installation faster and more reliable. Colorkeyed connectors allow for fewer cabling errors and noticeably shorter installation times. Better still, no tools are required for installation or removal of I/O wiring connectors, saving time and effort. Entire machine modules can be cabled and transferred into production through a streamlined commissioning process. Bulk swing-arm kits are available to enable cable pre-assembly, offloading repetitive tasks for your team during panel assembly. A single row connection level facilitates wiring, installation, and service. Separate power supplies for inputs and outputs reduce the number of power feed modules needed and save space; additionally, specific sections can be activated or deactivated without affecting production thanks to the independence of the input and output power busses.

High Availability
With the PNS101 network adapter, RSTi-EP supports PROFINET System Redundancy (PNSR). This enables synchronized independent controllers to service the I/O and transition from active to back-up controller without interruption. With controllers and processes resilient from physical disruption, you can consider unplanned downtime a thing of the past.

Intutive Integration
The RSTI-EP features outstanding performance and response time, with the high-speed system bus reading up to 256 DI/ DOs in 20 microseconds. It offers intuitive I/O mapping for quick and easy integration into your control application, as well as maximum power reserves for future applications. RSTi-EP features faster backplane speeds than the original RSTi I/O and perfectly responds to growing complexity in machine and factory automation thanks to powerful flexibility and a consistent user interface.

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PACSystems RSTi-EP CPE210 Controller
PACSystems RSTi-EP CPE210 Controller
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