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The GDS3700 series provides HD Audio and Video IP Intercom Systems to offer remote facility access control for buildings of all sizes. These devices include a built-in microphone and speaker to support intercom functionality, supports integration with electric locks for locking and unlocking doors, offers alarm-in and alarm out support for integration with existing security systems, and RFID and video support on select models. GDS products work with Grandstream’s free management software, GDS Manager. All GDS systems offer SIP/VoIP technology with 2-way HD audio, IP66 level weatherproof casing, and are vandal resistant. The combination of GDS devices, Grandstream’s IP Phones, Wave mobile app, and other 3rd party IP devices provide a complete end-to-end solution for access control, and intercom needs.

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GDS3700 Series - Sales Kit

Product Positioning
The GDS series of Facility Access Systems tracks and manages access to any physical building and provides a dedicated audio and/ or video intercom for entrances/exits. With integration to other Grandstream endpoints, the GDS offers a complete end-to-end solution for access control and security needs.

About the GDS3700 Series

Competitive Features
• HD audio with up to 1.5 meters of audio input and 3 meters of audio output, along with advanced echo cancelation technology
• Integration with GDS Manager software for monitoring, time-based management, and detailed configuration of GDS functionality
• 1080p HD video resolution with 180-degree hemispheric camera on the GDS3710
• IP66-level weatherproof capability and vandal resistant
• Built-in PoE for power and network connection
• SIP/VoIP support for video and audio streaming to endpoints
• Supports motion detection

Technical Specifications GDS3700

Technical Specifications GDS3700

Easy-to-Deploy & Integrate with Grandsteam Solutions

• SIP/VoIP Support – Facility access and intercom capabilities when deployed with other IP endpoints
Highly Customized – Electronic door strike and 2 alarm inputs/outputs for security peripheral support
Integrate with Grandstream solutions:
UCM series IP PBX – Assign extension for video and audio management throughout deployment devices

Easy to Deploy Integrate with Grandsteam Solutions

IP, Video, and Cordless Phones – Answer GDS initiated calls and activate door strikes from IP phones
GDS Manager – Software-based control to view, manage, and pull GDS reports along with customizing account configurations and access permissions per user
Video Monitoring – Use Grandstream video phones and cordless IP phones to monitor a GDS3710 video feed

Alerts and Notifications
• The GDS Facility Access devices support two-alarm in and two alarm out peripherals for 3rd party sensors, lights, electric door striker, etc
• Automated email, phone call, and alarm out functions can be highly customized based on tampering, error keypad input, nonscheduled access, motion detection, and more

IP66 and IP09 Certification
• The entire GDS series poccess both IP66 weatherproofing and IP09 vandal resistance, allowing the devices to be deployed with confidence in outdoor and public environments

Multiple Entrance Methods
• Key-coded entrance capabilities of GDS3710 and GDS3705
• Assigned RFID fob or card entrance assigned per user
• Predesignated call button to a user who can open the door via softkey (on Grandstream endpoints) or door strike control

GDS Manager
• GDS devices can be monitored and managed by a central user utilizing GDS Manager
• Users can be added with customized permissions, codes, RFIDs, and more
• Attendance management allows for creating, editing, and viewing attendance records, work shifts, vacation times, and more

Motion Detection
• The GDS3710 supports motion detection capabilities that can trigger alarms, automated phone calls, and emails to predesignated users

GDS3700 Series - Sales Kit Grandstream Integration

GDS3700 Series - Sales Kit Grandstream Integration

Offices small and large can take advantage of streamlined security solutions that a GDS can provide.
• For smaller offices and multioffice complexes, multiple GDS devices can be deployed with users assigned specified RFIDs, Key FOBs, or codes, that allow entrance into the main complex and their defined office
• Due to integration with 3rd party security peripherals as well as Grandstream IP phones and endpoints, a receptionist can easily field visitors and allow or deny access
• Time-based access can prevent entry to all or specified users outside of specified work hours

GDS3700 Offices

Residential Complexes
Residential complexes like apartment buildings and multi-unit condos require a facility access solution that both keeps residents safe, but also allows them to easily allow guests into their units and the building.
• A GDS facility access system can be deployed at the entrance of a residential complex with residents having their own RFIDs or codes to access the building
• A resident directory provided along with the GDS can enable guests to easily call residents, who can answer the call and provide access on a GSC3570 or Grandstream IP phone or video phone within their unit


Logistics or Manufacturing
For logistics warehouses and manufacturing plants, the GDS series can be utilized as both a facility access device and an HR tool.
• Shift workers can be added as users into the GDS series and have their access throughout a warehouse or facility completely customized based on their working requirements
• By using GDS Manager, a GDS can be leveraged as a “punch-clock”, generating customized reports on a defined time base that provides information on when users clocked in and out of the facility for their shift
• GDS devices can also be utilized to make announcements and sound alarms over facility-wide loudspeakers

GDS3700 Logistics or Manufacturing

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